Whether you are looking for a complete production line, or just want equipment for home made juices or sweets, get in touch with TothEquip. We are authorized distributors in Romania of the best manufacturers of machines: Maurer, Inderst, Niko, Pillan, Zambelli, Glottermetall, etc.


“Speaking with several farmers, I have noticed that they sell their fruit at ridiculous prices. They sell them abroad where they return on the shelves of our shops in the form of juices or sweets selling with a large profit margin. In that moment I thought of applying the European solution for the Romanian ideas. We have brought, from various European countries, the best machines and equipment the farmers can use to process their goods. Whether then sell or keep them for their own consumption, the value of the products does not go to waste. Our clients come from the most varied fields of the industry. Some are fruit farmers who prefer to process their fruit and sell the juice. Others are entrepreneurs, from communities that provide services to farmers in the area. We have clients who have worked abroad, but are tired of staying away from their families. Instead, they came back with a capital and started a business. These people never had to deal with fruit or juice production before, but have learned quickly, because the machines are reliable and easy to work with. Many of our clients have found in European or SUN financing the possibility of fulfilling their dream of having a sustainable business. For these clients we have set up a consulting department. We support our clients since their business begins, just as a beautiful dream. We help and consult them when they want to expand, because they do not cope with the continuously growing demands of the market. Also, we provide them with a technical team when difficulties arise while operating. We are not salesmen, we are long-term partners that can be relied on every time!”

(Engineer Alexandru Dan Toth – Manager TothEquip)

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